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We have found that when Graffiti first appears, if it isn’t removed quickly after the initial attack there will be soon be follow up Graffiti absolutely everywhere within hours. Therefore, if you find you have been a victim of this eyesore we will quickly and efficiently remove the Graffiti using our 500 bar 140 degree steam cleaning equipment.

We can even remove the shadow left behind that inferior companies can not get off. We can also apply anti Graffiti coatings if needed in high risk areas. Our service is available in Peterborough, Cambridge,We cover a 40 mile radius

Graffiti can be a common problem and its impact on the community varies. Single incidents of graffiti may not seem serious but it has a cumulative impact on an area as it attracts more graffiti. Graffiti maintains a stigma; it impacts property socially and economically and can lead to a negative perception by people who visit the area.Graffiti Breeds Graffiti – Stop It When It Starts

Our graffiti removal service aims to efficiently and quickly remove all and any graffiti problems which may be damaging your home or businesses or local areas reputation. please phone us for a free no obligation quote

Graffiti removal for a cleaning company client, they had 3 previous attempts at removing this before calling us

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WBCS Steam Cleaning Services is a team of steam cleaning specialists, based in Peterborough covering all the areas across Cambridgeshire within 40 miles, From Peterbrough Find more details on the Service pages.

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