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Here at WBCS Cleaning, we offer paint stripping services to domestic and commercial clients across Peterborough. Using our Soda blasting approach, we can successfully remove paint from numerous surfaces. Whether it be brick and stone or even softer surfaces, removing paint using soda blasting ensures there’s damage caused. But before any job, we investigate, test, prove and report which are the most effective paint removal methods.

Most materials absorb moisture and then release it through evaporation. This is a natural and normal cycle, which is impeded when the surface is covered by paint or soiling. When the surface is painted, such as brick or stone, the water is trapped in the structure, which will cause the fabric to decay. Therefore, our soda blasting paint removal technique renews your stained surface with a new lease of life.

Paint Stripping for external Brick, Masonry, Metal and Concrete

There are countless occasions where the non-abrasive, non-destructive process of soda blasting offers distinct advantages over paint stripping chemicals or abrasion based alternatives. But, one of the most significant benefits of our approach is its environmental impact. There are no fumes (compared with chemical-based paint stripping methods). Furthermore, cleaning afterwards is easier. The only significant ecological impact is noise pollution from the compressor.

When taking on paint removal projects, it’s essential to know what you’re doing. Choosing the right pressure setting and abrasive medium is critical to remove the paint without damaging the original brickwork. That is why we actively promote our services to homes and commercial clients across Peterborough. You could cause more damage to the original surface by attempting this job yourself, therefore resulting in more work.

Overall, soda blasting is the perfect solution for any delicate paint removal job. It is extremely gentle; it can remove paint from a small can without denting the metal with precision. There is no heat build-up; therefore will not warp thin metals or plastic. Therefore, if you’re looking for professionals to help restore a particular surface by stripping it of paint, get in touch with WBCS Cleaning.

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