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We offer a professional roof cleaning service throughout Peterborough and surrounding areas. Moss, algae, dirt, and lichen on roof tiles are a big problem. If left untreated, roofs can turn into potentially expensive issues. Therefore, we want to prevent this.

Instead of traditional power washing techniques, we offer two types of roof cleaning: Steam cleaning and Biowash. Otherwise known as Soft Washing. Both steam and biowash gently clean your roof rather than using low pressure. Power washing is potentially damaging to your roof tiles by making them more porous, so even though it is cleaning them, it is also shortening the time before the roof would need replacing.

Professional Roof Cleaning and Protection Specialists

Steam Roof Cleaning

The Process

1. Firstly our team will cover all areas surrounding the roof with tarpaulin sheeting. Gutters will have gutter blockers inserted into the downpipes.

2. Then, once specific elements are covered, the steam cleaning will commence.

3. Once completed, the gutters will be wet vacuumed out, downpipes will be washed out, and remove gutter blockers.

4. We will also remove tarpaulin sheeting.

5. All windows and gutters will be washed down and surrounding areas to ensure your home looks good as new.

6. Our window cleaners will be in touch the next day to clean windows and doors professionally if necessary. But this will be an additional cost.

Benefits of Steam Roof Cleaning:

1. You will see instant results.

2. Instant kerb appeal to make those neighbours jealous.

3. Extends the life span of your roof.

4. Eliminates moss, algae, dirt, and lichen on roof tiles.

5. Five year no re-growth guarantee

6. No re-growth, which helps protect your roof for years to come.

Biowash Roof Cleaning Specialists in Peterborough

The Process

1. We begin with a BioWash™ Pre-Treatment 7-10 days before commencement of roof cleaning.

2. On the day of commencement, we sheet up and protect surrounding areas, vegetation and downpipes.

3. Then, our team set the ladders in position, ready for cleaning at ground and gutter level.

4. We start the cleaning process by removing all moss using our moss skyscrapers poles.

5. We then apply BioWash™ Surface Cleaner.

6. Our team then rinse off and remove any dislodged debris from the roof with BioWash™ Cleaning Machine.

7. Then we repeat steps 4 and 5.

8. Afterwards, we apply BioWash™ Surface Protector, which contains a powerful combination of active biocides which help to prevent re-growth.

9. To round up, we clean out of gutters, wash down walls, windows, and surrounding vegetation areas, and remove groundsheets, leaving your home tidy.

10. Finally, we check by walking around the property with you to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our work.

Benefits of Steam Roof Cleaning:

1. Much softer method of cleaning compared to power washing.

2. This method is perfect for older and more fragile tiles.

3. More affordable due to the use of no aerial work platform.

4. Faster process. Typically we complete cleaning jobs within one day.

5. Eliminates moss, algae, dirt, and lichen on roof tiles.

6. Five year no re-growth guarantee

7. No re-growth, which helps protect your roof for years to come.

8. Instant kerb appeal to make those neighbours jealous.

9. Long-lasting solution.

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