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Tarmac Refurbishment

WBCS Steam Cleaning Services can restore tired, faded tarmac driveways giving them a newly laid look once again. We use a tarmac restoration product that not only recolours old faded tarmac, but also replaces vital resins that may have weathered away, restoring that just installed look. This is a cost effective alternative to the expensive replacement of a tarmac driveway.

The benefits include the following; avoids the need for expensive tarmac resurfacing, restores the original colour of the tarmac (Black / blue / red or green available), replaces resin that may have been lost from the tarmac surface. The product is very easy and quick to apply , it will help stabilise any cracks or loose tarmac chippings. It helps prevent algae, lichen and moss get a foot hold on the surface and makes the surface easier to clean and maintain.

The results from tarmac restoration can be amazing and can totally transform how any tarmac driveway looks, bringing it very close to the original condition when it was first laid. We can restore tarmac in black, red, green or blue. If you have a tarmac driveway, netball / tennis court, car park etc that badly needs refurbishment, please give WBCS Steam Cleaning Services a call. We wiill also provide an imprint refurbishment service.

Here is a varied collection of pictures to show you some of the Tarmac Refurbishment and Imprint Refurbishment projects that we have worked on here in Peterborough. PLEASE CALL US TODAY FOR A FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE

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